About showHive


showHiveIconshowHive®, a collective of visionary artists, craftsmen and designers, focuses on developing creative concepts in production entertainment and theatrical revue.  Our creative team’s productions have been seen on the stages of theaters, major cruise lines and casinos around the world.

From creative services and choreography to casting and theatrical design, showHive delivers big, bold entertainment and production solutions.


While our approach to the creative process honors the rich history of theatrical arts, we are constantly exploring new ways to tap fresh entertainment ideas and trends. It is through this un-compromised dedication to detail, quality and innovation that our work is able to touch the hearts of audiences.


The showHive team has experience producing entertainment and creative services in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and on international cruise ships with a focus on logistics, casting, technical staffing, importation, language and cultural distinctions.

Our understanding of international work permit and visa requirements, customs regulations, international tax codes and permit procedures have enabled us to better serve our clients as they conduct their business on an increasingly global scale. Our team is well-traveled, multi-lingual, sensitive to cultural differences and able to operate effectively in any cultural environment.


Emmett MurphyThe showHive team is lead by Emmett Murphy, who has a career in entertainment that spans the New York theater scene, production revue genres and the international cruise line industry.

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Garrett Caine

Chief Technical Producer Garrett Caine is an integral part of the showHive creative team. Mr. Caine has been producing innovative lighting design, production entertainment and cutting-edge AV design projects for over 30 years, with over 100 major projects worldwide to his credit. 

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This is select video footage from shows directed and created by Producer/Director, Emmett Murphy for Princess Cruises, Carnival Cruise Lines, Regent Seven Seas Cruises and Sin City Comedy currently playing at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.