Modern Warrior Live Video Shoot Full Production Credits

Creative Production Team 

Dominick Farinacci Co-Creator, Executive Producer 

Staff Sergeant Jaymes Poling Co-Creator, Executive Producer

Emmett Murphy Director 

Garrett Caine Set and Lighting Designer

Christian Tamburr Musical Director, Stage Consultant

Brian McKenna Executive Producer, Project Manager

Official Partners

United War Veterans Council

Cuyahoga Community College Foundation Non-Profit Fiscal Sponsor  

Al Sikes Former Chair of the Federal Communications Commission

Chesapeake Music, Inc Community Relations & Presenter  

Catskill Jazz Factory Production Consultant, Community Outreach & Presenter

Melena Sparkman Grant Writing 


Dominick Farinacci Trumpet 

Staff Sergeant Jaymes Poling Narrator

Christian Tamburr Piano & Vibraphone 

Shenel Johns Vocal

Will Blaze Vocal 

E.J. Parker Bass

Jamey Haddad Percussion

Salar Nadar Percussion

Ben Cruz Guitar 

Michael Ode Drums 

With Special Thanks to Our Team at Cuyahoga Community College

Dr. Alex Johnson President, Cuyahoga Community College

Dr. Paul Cox Dean, Creative Arts 

Richard DeChant Director, Veterans Affairs 

Matthew Miller Veteran Services 

Mick Munoz Veteran Services 

Terri Pontremoli Director, Tri-C JazzFest 

Kyra Price Production Manager 

David Kennedy Director, Recording Arts & Technology 

Jeffrey Donnelly Theatre Technical Director

With Special Thanks to The Louis Stokes VA Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio 

Susan Fuehrer Director, The Louis Stokes VA Medical Center

Production Team

Staff Sergeant Marc Labrosse Creative Advisor to Jaymes Poling

Michael Seifert Audio Engineer & Mixing

David Shaw Audio Engineer

Javier Davis Audio General Assistant

Andrew Balcerzak Audio General Assistant

Matt Troja Mixing

Somewhere Recording Mixing Studio

Black Valve Media Video Production Services

Evan Prunty Director of Photography

Hunter Prunty Camera Operator

Thomas Matheis Camera Operator

Chris Leskowicz Camera Operator

Jack Parker 1st Assistant Camera

Alec Miller Focus Puller

Will Clark Dolly Grip

Olivia Villasenor Slate

Joel Tucker Client Services, Ground Transportation

showHive, Inc. Multimedia Design

With Special Thanks to our VIP Kickstarter Supporters 

Chesapeake Music, Inc

Catskill Jazz Factory

Susan & Joel Mindel

Marty and Al Sikes

Amy Haines & Richard Marks

Jo & Dr. Robert Fulton

Piers Playfair

With Special Thanks to All of Our Kickstarter Supporters

Rishaad Brown

Leon Gugel 

Nassim Assefi

Marc Labrosse

Jane Boylan

Shawn & Dougla

Amal Sidani

Todd Kovach

Sarah Mroueh

Trent Austin

George Pavlakovich

Melena Sparkman

Brian McKenna

Rob & Tim

Ann Tristan

David Shepard

Robin Scheuer

Daniel W. Boothe

Andrew Perkins

John Lamirande

Emily Honsa Hicks & Mathew Hicks

Günther Günsluckner

Stephanie Najor

John & Jenny Ezzo

Mark Rini

Tim Ring

Michael Geneva



Tommy Wiggins

Alyssa Hoffert

Lynne Maragliano

M Wilson

Brian Tuczynski

Aidan Kilke

Aaron Calafato

Peter & Will Anderson

Mary J. Campbell

Aman Almeida

Simon Zhou

Sue Kozel

David S Byrne & Tina Gonzalez

Valerie Takacs

Josh and Mandie Tetreault

Patrick Campise

Benjamin Drescher

Cleve Cleveland

Song & Speaking Credits (in order of performance)

“Modern Warrior Theme”

Composed and arranged by Dominick Farinacci 

“Speech Excerpt: General James Mattis”

United States Secretary of Defense

From the 3rd Annual Salute to Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans with General James N. Mattis, filmed at the Marines’ Memorial Club on April 23, 2014

“Underscore #1”

Composed and arranged by Christian Tamburr 

“I Hear the Choppers Coming”

US Army Cadence, arranged by Dominick Farinacci 

“Underscore #2”

Composed and arranged by Christian Tamburr


Composed and arranged by Dominick Farinacci 

“Lowside of the Road” 

Written by Tom Waits / © Jalma Music (ASCAP) 

Arranged by Dominick Farinacci & Christian Tamburr

“Underscore #3”

Composed and arranged by Christian Tamburr 

“Battle Hymn of the Republic”

Written by Julia Ward Howe, arranged by Dominick Farinacci 

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