Design Services


showHive provides expertise in overseeing costume design, fabric acquisition, construction and wardrobe coordination. We work with talented designers, craftsmen and tradespeople from around the world to provide each project with a signature costume product.

With a focus on incorporating a contemporary design aesthetic, high fashion and trending styles our commitment is to elevate costume design to new heights in the theatrical and production show genres. 


When creativity, design and engineering come together in a theatrical environment, an evocative set design make a powerful visual statement. showHive partners with talented scenic designers and builders to provide a seamless scenery solution that is integrated with the overall creative vision. showHive can truly deliver the best design within your budget. Our experience in many genres of theater and entertainment has facilitated innovative sets and theatrical staging concepts.

Additionally, showHive provides design and management of accompanying scenic fabrication and installation services, including high quality artistic renderings, CAD drafting, rigging, fabrics, electrics, maintenance, painting, product sourcing, shipping and AV support.