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80s Pop To The Max - Man In The Mirror
80s Pop To The Max – Man In The Mirror

What does the name showHive mean? The showHive is a new approach to show and entertainment production and creative development. The hive is a collective of like minded creative designers, artists, producers and technical consultants who work on a show or entertainment project with a common goal and aesthetic.

The value of a collective versus a company is that independent artists and creative consultants typically have more to gain by performing at a high level than a traditional corporate creative employee. Additionally, independent artists know that their work makes up the body of their career, and their reputation is everything. They can be depended on to bring a high level of expertise and results, while remaining true to their artistic integrity.

The flexibility that a show hive offers can be essential to the success of unique or out of the box projects. While a core team of showHive principals provide the expertise and foundation of every project, the show hive can grow and morph based on the elements needed to complete the project. This flexibility and understanding that one solution does not solve all problems is the key to showHive’s diverse productions and artistic palate.