BROADWAY WORLD: showHive Teams with MODERN WARRIOR LIVE to Shift Narrative on PTS and Veterans

Nov. 13, 2017

showHive, Inc. announces a new creative development partnership with Modern Warrior Live, a nonprofit organization focussing on raising awareness of Post Traumatic Stress (PTS,) Post Traumatic Growth (PTG,) and building a civilian culture of understanding through the theatrical show, Modern Warrior Live.

The creative and design team is lead by showHive Director, Emmett Murphy and Lighting and Set Designer, Garrett Caine.

Co-created by United States Army veteran Jaymes Poling and musician Dominick Farinacci, Modern Warrior Live is a theatrical music experience that explores the psychological weights of war, the challenges of reintegration as a civilian, and the potential for positive personal and communal experiences.

showHIve is providing show direction, technical direction, lighting, set and multimedia design for the original musical drama. showHive is also a producer of the initiative. Emmett Murphy notes, “By fusing live music and the compelling real-life account of the effects and aftermath of war with a theatrical setting, multimedia and show-stopping performances, we are able to convey the idea of Post Traumatic Growth to educate our audiences about the possibility of a positive outcome for our veterans experiencing Post Traumatic Stress.”

Garrett Caine notes, “By creating a unique lighting and scenic concept that integrates custom multimedia projections with photos, video and ephemera from Jaymes’s life, we have been successful in deepening his story and juxtaposing visual commentary against the important issues that the show addresses.” Read more…