showHive® is a collective of visionary artists, craftsmen and designers. We focus on the creative development of entertainment and theatrical productions.  Our team’s creations have been seen on the stages of theaters, major cruise lines and entertainment venues around the world. showHive delivers big, bold entertainment and production solutions.

showHive® develops innovative and successful entertainment and theatrical productions, including Broadway style shows, production revues, water and fountain shows, concert productions and events.

Our core team of designers and artists are adept at realizing full scale theatrical productions, which can be seen on stages around the world. With headquarters in New York City and Florida and an established network of associates around the globe, showHive is uniquely prepared to execute theatrical production world wide.


While our approach to the creative process honors the rich history of theatrical arts, we are constantly exploring new ways to tap fresh entertainment ideas and trends. It is through this un-compromised dedication to detail, quality and innovation that our work is able to touch the hearts of audiences.


The showHive team has experience in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and on international cruise ships. Our understanding of the intricacies of international work has enabled us to better serve our clients as they conduct their business on an increasingly global scale. Our team is well-traveled, multi-lingual, sensitive to cultural nuances and able to operate effectively in any environment.