Truly original, flexible, creative and story-driven entertainment concepts allow our team to do more with less, solve complex problems and create exciting and unforgettable experiences for your audience.

showHive’s production experts provide everything from turn-key theatrical services to production management to creative and design services and manages every element of our productions from creative development to opening night and beyond.


showHive has curated an experienced team that has the benefit of decades of combined experiences and an established track record. showHive’s theatrical production team fosters a dynamic creative culture, which provides clients with diverse creative concepts and theatrical know-how.

We strive to inspire communication between cast, staff, stagecraft, costume design, props, lighting design, acting, set design, and sound design to create our signature showHive productions.


showHive unites all aspects of our productions with a unified design concept. This unwavering commitment to visual beauty creates a signature look and culminates in visually arresting experiences.

We have a fascination with the space between video and live action, bringing the two closer together and merging the two realities to create truly unique theatrical moments.

showHive specializes in the conception and production of theatrical multimedia environments. We focus on the whole picture by combining stunning video graphics, live action video, audio, augmented reality, special effects and live performance elements.




showHive is on the cutting edge of emerging theatrical and design technology, new entertainment trends and has the creative and production team to turn these concepts into a reality.

Our expertise and experience in developing video for theatrical environments is tailored to state of the art LED displays, image map projectors and other multimedia technology.

showHive’s lighting design focuses on integrating LED, video and dynamic projections into a cohesive lighting statement. The team can implement and manage complex video projection, server based video content and video content technology to create a cohesive presentation.